01. He suffered a [severe] head injury in a car accident, and doctors worry he may never be able to speak again.
02. He had a [severe] headache after bumping his head.
03. The flight was canceled due to a [severe] thunderstorm.
04. Generally, in our criminal justice system, [severity] of punishment depends on the seriousness of the crime.
05. The old woman was [severely] burned when she fell asleep with a cigarette in her mouth, and set her nightgown on fire.
06. My daughter got a [severe] rash on her arms and legs after using this soap.
07. Many trees have died in the [severe] cold that has hit our region this winter.
08. Hundreds of people have been killed in China this past week due to the [severe] storms which have hit the country.
09. Napoleon once said that the act of policing is, in order to punish less often, to punish more [severely].
10. There is a Chinese proverb which states that the maker of laws must be [severe], but he who applies them must be generous.
11. There is a Norwegian proverb which notes that a pardon may be more [severe] punishment than the penalty.
12. Textbook shortages are so [severe] in some U.S. public schools that 71 percent of teachers say they have purchased reading materials with their own money.
13. Studies show that race and class position can make a difference in the [severity] of sentence a person receives for breaking the law.
14. The Edmund Fitzgerald is a ship that sank on November 10, 1975 with all men on board during a [severe] storm on Lake Superior.
15. Studies show that parts of the brain of a [severely] abused and neglected child can be much smaller than that of a healthy child.
16. Some people have [severe] reactions to insect or spider bites.
17. The [severe] climate of northern Mali does not allow much growth of vegetation.
18. Tahiti suffers from a [severe] imbalance in trade, with imports amounting to nearly ten times its exports.
19. Senegal has a [severe] shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas.
20. Nowhere has the impact of HIV/AIDS been more [severe] than in Africa.
21. Measurements of the intensity of an earthquake evaluate the [severity] of ground motion at a specific location.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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